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                        Brand identity
                        Brand identity
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                        Brand identity
                        Brand identity

                        ?The appearance of the logo is elliptical, surrounded by a green semicircle, symbolizing Xinhe's green and environmentally friendly industrial chain;

                         ?The upper line of the logo represents the starry sky in blue, and the lower line represents the land in yellow, forming a harmonious and unified whole for the development of the enterprise's industry from top to bottom;

                         ?The yellow part of the logo resembles a hand, while the blue part resembles the rising sun on the horizon, symbolizing the hard work and diligence of Xin and people;

                         ?The step white part of the logo is marked with 3 as a node, originating from the Yi Jing's "One Life Two, Two Life Three, and Three Life All Things", implying the meaning of Tai Chi and symbolizing rich corporate resources;

                         ?The step white part of the logo reflects the characteristics of enterprise resource circulation, implying that the sun shines brightly, sailing far and courageously towards the corporate vision of "Top 100 Xinhe, Century Xinhe";

                         ?The sense of movement of the logo reflects the development of the enterprise, implying the circular, professional, and diversified utilization of industrial resources in the enterprise;

                         ?The advancement of logos has a philosophical height, which can inevitably lead and carry the better and faster development of enterprises;

                         ?The overall logo is concise and clear, with bright colors, and is fashionable and easy to recognize.